It’s the same every year, we rush around like headless chickens to get everything done then you blink and its all over!

I do love family time but as the years go on the family moves away or we lose loved ones so its never like I remember past Christmas celebrations. I will make sure I am present though. Business has to get pushed back and forgotten for a few days. Then that time between Christmas and New Year… It’s Hit the Sales for some… for others its back to work… for me its time off that i can have a bit of ‘me’ time mixed in with time to plan for the New Year.

I’m constantly learning new things, to say at 62 I’m the eternal student might be pushing it a bit too far but I love to soak up new information, learn new things and dabble in old hobbies. 2023 for me will be the year I get off the fence and get my act together!

Three years ago I had put my new business plan together and yes I have had a mini launch but I’ve not gone all in like I really wanted to. I’m now working with some of the best in the business for the background help to stop the procrastination… they certainly will have their work cut out!

To me this week between Christmas and New year is the golden time for prep for all our businesses. Time to stocktake the clinic, review the past year and to plan the new one.. also taking advantage of family time before everyone returns to the routine of work and resposibilities.


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