I had today all planned out to the finest detail…. BIG MISTAKE

The Universe apparently had other ideas…

Think of me as a doremouse. I need my sleep…. lots of sleep, but at my time of life Mother Nature has other ideas. And then on a good night it seems that my Grandpup steps in! 3.10 am I’m woken by the little terror…. You cannot ignore a Bulldog barking at that time in the morning. So I get up, let her out of the crate and herd her towards the back door for her to pop to the loo…. Getting her back to her crate wasn’t easy as the monster thought it would be nice to go upstairs and kip on our bed… NO WAY DULCE…So I get her back in her bed and I go back to mine…

Then the overthinking starts, listening for every grumble from her incase she starts barking again. We were OK, but then the lists of things I had planned to do today started drifting into my head. Not only that but these amazing ideas that could make each and every point on that list be tweaked to be more effective and less challenging.

I think i saw 4.45…. I’m sure I had more peaceful nights back when I had my three children as babies !!!

So I’m relying on copious amounts of strong tea to get me through this morning….. Back to my list it is then.

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