Twenty five years ago I qualified as a Reflexologist, but I was reminded this morning while chatting to a lovely lady at The Association of Reflexologists of what it felt to me to learn the art of Reflexology.

I felt like I had come home, I felt so comfortable working with people’s feet. Developing skills to help many ailments.

I have just rejoined the Association after quite a few years being away. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been practicing as a Reflexologist, I have, but with so much going on in the world of Foot Health it was put on the back burner. But now I’m back and looking around the member area it will mean I can start looking at that side of the business again.

One thing that runs hand in hand with other therapies is the need to keep on top of your marketing, finding your niche and your ideal client. I am so glad that when I developed The Foot Practitioner Business Academy I decided from the start that Refexologists were looked after too.


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