How much of a priority is exercise for you in your week?
When I was offering house visits, I would have more steps in than in clinic but it was nowhere near enough.
I used to teach keep fit when I was in my 20’s before the kiddies arrived and over the years I would dip in and out of classes..
Years later I knew with such a sedentary job I needed to get moving again.
I started going to classes and loved them so much I started training to teach again.. that was a turning point for me.. I wouldn’t have given up feet but I needed the exercise too.
Years of running both businesses side by side really helped with my mindset. After my Dad passed away I made another change and running classes stopped. Over the years I couldn’t motivate myself to even exercise at home..
Moving forward since hubby has retired I found my fitness mojo again.. missed it for a few weeks when I was away but did manage around 20,000 steps a day. Then colds stopped play but back to it this week..
Finding a form of exercise you love is the trick to making it part of your working week and of course if we don’t look after ourselves in every way no one else can do it.. we owe it to ourselves and our business to be on top form…
What are your favourite forms of exercise ?
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