How motivated are you in your business?

We all know that multiple income streams are almost essential for the small and not so small business owner. Now this might not be a parallel business ie in the same field but an extra income, but it could be something completely different.

Most of my life I’ve just seen myself suffer from SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME …. To be fair I have stuck with a lot of my side businesses. Obviously the Foot Practitioner side has been my main focus and success but I’ve also had my fitness business.. Not too far away from what I offer…. A NWM business that I enjoyed and love the products but its on the back burner. Health and wellness so again not too far away from the main business. But i’ve also had others…

I saw a gap in the market and in true SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME I had to go in two feet first.

I started a Farmers/Craft Market. This was the first business that my husband could participate in. We had our different roles but it worked out really well. Circumstances changed with illness in the family so I passed it over but I really missed it.

So what has this got to do with loving a challenge?

We get into a routine in business, thats really good but it can have a negative effect on growth. We can become stagnant, too comfortable, and one thing we’ve learned in the last few years that things can change in the drop of a hat, and what we have built up can come crashing down. To safeguard my business I challenge myself with looking at how I can keep it fresh, how can i ensure its longevity.

This might see me starting another income stream, or developing the ones I already have. Bringing in new treatments into the clinic, new courses for my students or even something apart from my foot business.

Do you suffer SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME too?

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