I posted a video for therapists that requested more information on building multiple streams of income. Ive added it to this post.

My whole life I’ve had a busy mind.. Always more than one thing on the go, and done to the best of my ability. As I’ve got older I realise that this is’nt the norm for everyone.

One of the first tips is to find things that you can be passionate about. There are so many options to increase revenue into your business but everything will take work and time so you really need to be comfortable and engaged with your choice of a sideline business.

Does it have to be closely related to your main business? Not always but it is great if there is a link however small. For instance… My main business 25 years ago was reflexology, so training up as a Foot Health Practitioner a few years later was’nt too far away… The next income stream was fitness… Again it could be seen as a business not too far away from the original that was Complementary Health. Then came a Health and Wellness network marketing business. This slotted in very well to all the other businesses I had. The final add on to my business was a Produce Market… You’ll hear about that in the video…

Things changed over the years but I’m still juggling business idea’s. These days I’m decreasing clinic time, and helping therapists build their dream business along side. There are a few other streams of income coming in the near future which i am really excited about… there we go its all about what you are passionate about!!


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