This last 18 months has been an eye opener, obviously when lockdown happened we were all in a state of shock and disbelief. As the world started emerging from a very difficult time we as business owners looked at our businesses and the way we could work differently.

Not possible to be a Foot Health Practitioner virtually but I did use my time constructively, or I like to think I did with revisiting so many parts of my business that had taken a back seat. Quite a revelation! Over 23 years or so I had undertaken so many extra courses to enhance my business I had forgotten so much value.

So this is where it became even more interesting…. Thinking that I would bring in a way of helping new practitioners build their new businesses, and that would be my offer. In reality that will be just part of my offer.

I’m looking to work beside a large teaching company bringing in the practical assessments for some of my therapies.

It’s definitely the case of one door closes and another one opens.

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