It’s been a very interesting week with my nearest and dearest sharing his cold with me. In the past I would have thought not much of it but worn a mask through all of my treatments. Now its a bit different with a Lateral flow test done daily and clinics cancelled just in case.

I’m a bit obsessed with my products and I truly believe they have helped me recover a lot faster than hubby that is still fighting his cold. It got me thinking about self care a lot more.

I take my supplements every day, but how often do I take time out for other things.. Maybe a long soak in the bath listening to soothing music or curling up with a cup of tea reading a good book. I can tell you its not often enough. Taking time out to look after our mental health is as, if not more important than the supplements we take. Running a house and a business can really take its toll. We are almost programmed to try to do it all when in fact we aren’t doing ourselves or anybody else any favours by trying too hard.

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