Glenmore Reflexology and Foot Health has been trading for many years.

We offer Reflexology treatments that are suitable for most people. Having trained in many techniques

Maternity  Reflexology and Reflexology for babies and toddlers.. This is where I teach care givers to work on their childs feet.

Vertical Reflex Therapy and Advanced Vertical Reflex Therapy came into the Clinic in 2000. An incredibly powerful treatment accessed very differently than traditional methods.

I’ve trained in Reflexology with Colour, and many more techniques that come and go in popularity.

As a Member of The Association of Reflexologists, you can be assured I keep up to date on the latest advances.

Our Foot Health business offers basic nail trimming, and full foot health treatments. Helping with common problems such as corns and callous, ingrown nails and thickened nails. I also offer Toenail reconstruction, a very popular treatment especially for those with partially regrown nails following nail surgery.

We can also offer Pedicure treatments with gel nail colour or Hot wax treatments..

I brought Facial treatments into the clinic and Indian Head Massage although the foot side is so busy I don’t offer these in clinc anymore. But over the years a practitioner will pick up skills from other courses that will help build a very successful practice.


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