Over the years I’ve heard newly qualified practitioners struggling to take that first step into self employment. I agree especially in this day and age of cost of living crisis, it’s a worry. But turning it on its head have you thought about this extra earning potential that you are holding in your hands?

There are so many practitioners reaching that golden age of retirement that worry about what will happen to their clients when they finally decide to hang up their nippers. The solution could be you… Even if they are not quite ready to give up they could well be interested in having a new practitioner work along side them for a few hours a week building a rapport with both them and their clients.

It has worked for me, ok its my daughter but the principle is exactly the same. You get so fond of your clients it’s hard to think you could be letting them down if you finish. She decided to train in foot health and when I broke my arm she stepped in as my chauffeur and assistant in the care home I visit. She didn’t touch the feet before she qualified but the help offered in cleaning between clients and sorting receipts was a huge help. Now she is fully qualified she offers house visits and cover if I’m on my holiday. I know that when I am ready to retire she will seamlessly step in to take over.

There could be many practitioners out there that would find a new practitioner the answer to many issues they face such as holidays, sickness cover etc. Maybe now is the time to jump into your new business with both feet ….

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