2023 has brought a new way of working for me…. Semi Retirement… Its been a long time coming, but if the changes hadn’t happened with the government changing the goal posts I would already have been retired.

The new working arrangement is three weeks work and three weeks off.. This might sound a bit strange but my Foot Health clients are normally on a six week plan so by seeing them in the working three week rotation it should work. By the time their six weeks appointment is due, I will be back working. If anyone is in need of a treatment outside of these times, my daughter is also a FHP so can accommodate the clients. Reflexology appointments have been a little trickier to fit in but I think I have got that all done at last….

I did mess up the first three week off rotation so its two weeks off this time, I’m not complaining though It’ll be nice to have the extra time with hubby who has properly retired.

My dream has been to have time to return to my hobbies, crafting …. No excuse now! And something I haven’t done since my O’Levels is watercolours. My husband bought me lots of painting equipment to get started. A new skill I’m looking forward to learning.

I’ve also started FitSteps classes again. It has been years since I taught FitSteps, but now I’ve returned as a customer and it is bliss… I have loved my work but sitting at peoples feet all day can make you quite unfit.. hardly any steps done on working days. No excuses now, time to fit other things in and have time and hopefully energy to get to the classes.

Obviously this year will see huge changes to my business with the three weeks off, three weeks on but as I’m not one to rest on my laurels, other parts of my business that have been chugging along in the background can take a step forward as that can be worked on from anywhere.

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